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Course Information


SUNY Oswego Green Tee 

Syracuse Orange tee

Penn State Blue tee

Par 71 71 71
Slope 108 114 118
Rating 68.3 66.9 68.8
Yardage 4622 5372 5993

In order to get the most enjoyment out of the game Springbrook Greens encourages everybody to play the tees that match their game instead the tees that match the bathroom they use or the date on their ID’s.

We suggest:

If you drive the ball between 140 and 170 yards SUNY OSWEGO GREEN TEES
If you drive the ball between 175 and 240 yards SYRACUSE ORANGE TEES
If you drive the ball over 250 yards and fairly straight…ish, usually PENN STATE BLUE TEES
If you are close to a scratch golfer You do not need markers, play every hole from the tips, with your 4-iron.
Beginners and kids Play from whatever tees you want but, if it’s more fun for you, start in the fairway on par 5’s, the 150 yard markers on par 4’s, and drop one near the green on 3’s.

Whatever helps you have the most fun.